Selected Press

ABCing Art Anew, Ladue News, April 2019

Eating also feeds the artist (Manger alimente aussi nourrit les artistes), Naja21, December 2018

Nice girls...and bad men, The Source - Washington University in St. Louis, May 2018

Artist Taylor Yocom Gives Us 7 Lessons on Creating Art that Moves PeopleBustle, September 2016

Newsmaker: The Things They Carry, University of Iowa Alumni Magazine, August 2015

Iowa Alumna, Artist, Helps People See the World Differently, July 2015

River to RiverIowa Public Radio, May 15, 2015 

Activist Spotlight: Taylor Yocom (Guarded) , Stand with Survivors, May 2015

Photos of the day: What women carry to protect themselvesFeministing, May 2015

Taylor Yocom goes internationalDaily Iowan TV, Iowa City, IA, May 2015

UI student's photos go viral, The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, iA, May 2015

Photos of women's self defense weapons hit a nerve, ,USA Today, May 2015

Photos of UI women's self-defense weapons hit a nerve, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Iowa City, IA,  May 2015

Photos of UI women's self-defense weapons hit a nerve, The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, May 2015

UI Student Photography Tackles Sexual Assault, KWWL, Waterloo, Iowa. May 2015  


UI Student Photography Tackles Sexual Assault,  KTTC, Rochester, MN, May 2015

Guarded: Μια ξεχωριστή έκθεση ΦΩΤΟ αποκαλύπτει τι κουβαλούν στις τσάντες τους γυναίκες για να προστατευτούν,, Greece, May 2015

Iowa Photographer Shows What Women Carry to Protect Themselves Against Attacks, Kiss 107.5, Des Moines, IA, May 2015 

‘Looker' offers peek into women's realities, seeks empowerment, The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, IA, May 2015

Photo Series Shows The Extreme Lengths Women Go To In Order To Protect Themselves From Rape, Pulptastic, May 2015

Powerful Photo Series Reveals What Women Carry To Protect Themselves,, May 2015

De här starka bilderna visar vad tjejer tvingas göra för att skydda sig från mäns våld – varje dag,, Sweden, May 2015

7 Photos Show How Women Arm Themselves to Feel, May 2015

A Walk Outside Looks Very Different For Women Than It Does For Men, aplus,com, May 2015

Una fotografa statunitense ha realizzato una serie di foto nelle quali vengono immortalate donne che stringono tra le mani oggetti utili per difendersi contro gli stupriThe Post Internatzionale, Rome, Italy, 

A Photographer is Showing What Women Carry to Protect Themselves Against Attack, Buzzfeed UK, May 2015

These are the things young women carry to protect against attackers, Huffington Post US, May 2015

These Photos Show the Lengths Young Women go to for Self Defense,, New York, NY, May 2015

University of Iowa Student's Sexual Assault Project Gains National Attention, KCRG TV 9, Iowa City, IA, May 2015

Guarded: Taylor Yocom's Project Shows the Lengths Young Women Go To So They Can Stay Safe, Huffington Post UK, May 2015

Women reveal the secret weapons they carry everywhere on campus, HelloGiggles, May 2015

Taylor Yocom: Guarded, Queen Bitch Mag (Chicago), April 2015

Art Student Taylor Yocom's Guarded Photo Series Shows How College Women Protect Themselves Against Assault

Bustle (New York), November 2014

Photo Project Highlights What Women Carry in Self DefenseLittle Village (Iowa City) , September 2014,